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Without Excellent Reports, Your BPM Software is Uncooked

Reports and predictive analysis in a business process management solution help businesses improving existing processes, forecast market behavior, identify customer expectations, and increase overall profit margins.

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Key Data Points for BPM software

An overview of all uncompleted items, the min, max, and average time taken to complete a workflow, The min, max, and average time taken to complete individual tasks...

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Forging Ahead to the Digital OneOffice with Smart Analytics

In a highly disruptive and instant gratification marketplace success is inextricably linked to delighting customers, creating dynamic business models, and running smart operations evangelizing the access to digital data.

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Turn your data into beautiful insights

Give your data purpose and direction by turning it into accurate, timely, and actionable insights



Easily create complex filters to display the exact information you need

 Advanced pivots

Visualize and monitor your most relevant KPIs and metrics at a glance


Use heatmaps to put massive datasets into easily interpretable contexts

Vendor performance analytics

  • Vendor performance management is a key part of smart financial management. Your organization should regularly review and confirm your vendors are meeting your needs. Verifying the vendor relationship remains a wise investment is all a part of due delligence.

  • The points listed below are quality factors to determine vendor performance analysis:-

    •     Value for your investment (ROI)

    •     Quality

    •     Delivery

    •     Service

    •     Commitment to growth and feedback

    •     Partnership mindset

    •     Complaint history

    •     Financial and operational stability