Smart Contract & Docgen Products

Generate legal documents and contracts at a click with our smart contract generation solution with claused library ,E-signature, dynamic Inter referencing and more

Generate offer letters, purchase order, or NDAs with data driven selection from multiple templates. Mail & Document open tracking & digital signature.

Custom Email creation through templates & data from multiple datasource including SFDC , Heroku, API or Excel.

Price quotes at a click using our complex pricing engines on which you can configure all your pricing scenario

Track the mail & generated attachment have been opened or not if so , from where. Integrated document and mail tracking with Gmail , Outlook & others

Get  NDAs , offer letters & contracts signed with e.idas compliant legally valid signatures online rather than waiting for weeks.

Automatic Lead scoring products

Leadautoconvert sales behaviour based personalised content targeting content . Google Analytics CRM and social integration

Leadautoconvert marketing give the URL integrated digital marketing platform google Analytics CRM social integrations and nurture leads

Leadautoconvert support automatic and behaviour based customer nurturing cross sell upsell and awareness

Leadautoconvertmailchecker checks if a mail exists or not

Leadautodatafinder finds official email ID phone number and social data of a person from data Expert template

Promotions , Incentives and Brokerage algorithms

Carrotpromotions real time promotions and assisted sales

Carrotincentives online scientific incentive computation for sales marketing and production people

Carrotbrokerage transform agreements including sale and lease agreements brokerage calculations.

Dynamic Shopping cart Real time promotions for shopping carts

Management Algorithm based performance management for employees can manage any level of complexity.

For online and offline retail . It can handle all standard retail promotion types and based on which promotions rae active

Mail Automation Products

Mailtangy automatically read mails create leads and cases within your favourite crm also bring cRM to your favourite mail

Maletangyplus manage sure manage hundreds of meals to Leads thomas single dashboard google Analytics integrated

Integrate mails with contract lifecycle management